Iain Butcher tipped to be the next Ricky Burns Featured

Iain Butcher tipped to be the next Ricky Burns

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Boxing manager Paul Graham has tipped Motherwell fighter Iain Butcher to emulate Ricky Burns and become Scotland’s next world champion.

After only eleven fights Butcher has a European title, is the only boxer other than Burns with a top 15 world ranking and getting ready for a second shot at the British title.

Butcher moved up three weight divisions to face tough Bulgarian super-bantamweight Valentin Marinov last week - because he didn’t want a knockout - but a stinging left hook to the body ended the bout early.

Butcher is now waiting for Lonsdale belt holder Kevin Satchell to decide if he will take British Boxing Board of Control mandated rematch following a controversial points victory in Liverpool last year.

Graham, who put on last Friday’s eight fight bill in Ravenscraig, said: “There’s a good chance of Satchell vacating but if he takes the fight we’ll do whatever we can to get it up here. I’ll sell my house, my granny – everything. We want it on home soil.

“Make no mistake Iain is the next Ricky Burns. He’s one of the top flyweights in Europe and once he wins this Lonsdale belt he’ll be the best in Britain.
“It’s been really hard getting him fights as every flyweight in Europe is scared of him. We brought in this tough Bulgarian who was a bit heavier because we thought he’d last the distance and he’s gone in the first round.

“If I’m honest I’d expect Iain to do that to any flyweight, super-flyweight or bantamweight in Europe. He’s too good for his own good but once he gets a title everyone will want to come and try fighting him.”

After winning his fight against Marinov Butcher said: “It was a way up the weights and I wasn’t expecting a knock-out but it was a solar plexus shot and not many people recover from that. He’s fought a few flyweights in Britain and I’m the only one to stop him in the first so it’s making a bit of a statement.

“I’m pleased to get the win and now I can just focus on the British title that’s the main one. I think Satchell will vacate but we’ll need to wait until after his Commmonwealth defence this weekend before we know.”

Adam Henderson writes for and can be found on Twitter @Adam426



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