Pascal Would Love To Face Chavez

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Pascal Would Love To Face Chavez

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MONTRÉAL - The new NABF North American light heavyweight champion, the Montrealer Jean Pascal, is admitting his desire to face the Mexican Julio Chavez Chavez Jr. next summer. Pascal (29-2-1), who beat the Montréal Romanian Lucian Bute (31-2-0) by unanimous decision January 18th at Bell Centre in Montréal, could go in Texas March 1st, to assist to the bout between Chavez (47-1-1) and Brian Vera (23-7-0) presented at the San Antonio Aladome.

However, Chavez is a natural middleweight (160 pounds), and Pascal is a former middleweight and super middleweight (168 pounds) who is fighting in the light heavyweight division (175 pounds) since four years. “I would love to face Chavez nest summer, no matter if the fight is in Mexico, USA or Montréal, said Pascal. It would be a great bout, a marvelous event. Obviously, we would need to find an agreement about the weight. But I really believe it’s possible.”

Chavez would need to increase his weight at 168 pounds to face Pascal… if Pascal, him, accepts to reduce his weight at 169 or 170 pounds. Pascal, apparently, is ready to do it.

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