Murata v Nascimento to be fought with Reyes gloves

Murata v Nascimento to be fought with Reyes gloves

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This past week has seen Japanese sensation Ryota Murata (2-0, 2) training for his upcoming contest with Brazil's Carlos Nascimento (29-3, 23). For the first time in his life Murata has been practising with Mexican made Cleto Reyes gloves.

The reason Murata has been practising with the gloves is due to a demand made by Nascimento for their fight, on February 22nd, to be fought with them. It seems that Nascimento has viewed this type of glove as one that could give him an advantage against the Japanese superstar.

"Reyes" gloves, as the are popularly known, are widely regarded in the trade as the glove of choice for punchers. They offer less protection to the fighter's hands though they do allow a fighter to deliver more force on their punches. As a result fighters who already punch hard tend to use them in the hope of landing clean knockout blows.

The reason they are dubbed "puncher's gloves" is due to having a smaller knuckle area. Effectively this smaller area means that when shots land their is more pressure on the connecting surface. As a result of this we often see highlight reel KO's when a hard puncher, wearing Reyes gloves connects, as seen when Manny Pacquiao starched Ricky Hatton.

For Nascimento this may seem like an advantage considering his 71.88% KO ratio, unfortunately for the Brazilian he's forgetting that Murata is the bigger, stronger, younger and faster fighter. As a result this may backfire for more experienced man.

For those wondering, it seems that Murata has, so far, been wearing Winning gloves which are made in Japan. The Winning gloves are known as offering great protection on the gloves but not allowing the best transfer of power from the shots. Scary to think just how hard Murata will be punching with Reyes on given that he took out the Asian Middleweight champion Akio Shibata in 2 rounds with Winning gloves on.

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