Underdog Luis Collazo looking for victory against Victor Ortiz

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Underdog Luis Collazo looking for victory against Victor Ortiz

Talk Boxing with fight fans at the KO Boxing Forum. You are fighting on January 30th against Victor Ortiz at the Barclays Center, Brooklyn - why did Team Collazo choose this fight? Were there any other names you were looking at?

We didn't choose the fight, the fight came to us; his fight with Gomez fell apart, so we went ahead and took the fight. The fight takes place in the state of New York; does fighting in your home state make you want to win more? Does it bring any added pressure?

I want to win regardless of where I'm fighting. Fighting at home is no pressure for me - if anything, it's more motivation. This is Ortiz’s first fight back after an absence of a year and a half and his heart for boxing is questioned by fight fans; do you plan to pressure him from the opening bell to capitalise on any ring rust, or will you be more cautious at the start of the fight?

Yeah, he's been out for a year and a half - if the fans want to judge they can, I'm not one to judge. But when I get in that ring I'm going to fight! Any flaws I see, I am definitely going to capitalise on. Ortiz has been talking about fighting Mayweather in a rematch - he seems to be overlooking you. Does that make you more determined to win the fight? How do you feel as a fighter when your opponent sees you as a stepping stone?

I don't care about what Ortiz has been looking at after me. Right now, I have to deal with him and he has to deal with me. I'm determined to win, no matter what. He can overlook me, more power to him. You are going into this fight as an underdog. Does seeing underdogs such as Maidana destroying Broner give you confidence? How do you feel about being labelled the underdog - does it make you more determined to win the fight?

I love being the underdog, it's no pressure. Growing up I was called a dog [laughs]...I know I'm coming ready on Jan. 30th. What do you hope to achieve in the rest of your career? Do you have a timescale to reach your goals?

I want to achieve greatness - I want to be known to the boxing fans as a great fighter, as one who fought whoever, whenever. And I want to be known as a humble person in and out of the ring.  Finally, do you have a message for the fans?

Thank you everyone for all the support.

Good Luck in Brooklyn, Luis.


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