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Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. vs Brian Vera: We won't think twice about it, once a few more days come and go

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Sunday morning outrage as another questionable boxing decision comes down the pike. Suggestion of incompetence, at best, and mutterings of corruption/political favors run wild among boxing fans perplexed by last nights two lopsided scorecards for Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. turned in by Gwen Adair and Marty Denkin. Someone should be held accountable, this is what’s ruining the sport, I know what I saw, these people are obviously crooked, blah, blah, blah…………all highly understandable, and at the end of the day, or maybe I should say the end of the week, when other bouts come along to occupy the boxing fans attention, it’ll all be forgotten.

Anybody remember the name Benoit Roussel? The average boxing fan’s face lights up and he replies, “Hmmm, it rings a bell, but I can’t seem to recall why”. Back November 28, 2009, boxing fans were in an uproar over Rousell and one his “partners in crime” Alan Davis having Joan Guzman earning a Draw after apparently getting the worst of it against Ali Funeka. I recall for the next week or so, we heard stories about Rousell and questionable dealings, some reporters trying to call him at home and not getting any replies to “ground breaking accusations” about an incident involving his son, I could go back and research the exact details if I really cared to, but for the purposes of this observation, it’s not necessary. My point is that the average boxing fan was willing to storm the castle with lighted torches to tar-and-feather Benoit Roussel.

Last night, Benoit Roussel worked the Stevenson-Cloud card and not a single person mentioned it, Fan and/or Press, as far as I know. Worse yet, one of the Referees was Marlon B. Wright. Okay, the same boxing fan that scratched their heads and showed some sign of recognition with Benoit Roussel will light up like a Christmas Tree when they hear Marlon’s name mentioned.

Ah yes, Marlon B. Wright, or as the pundits mockingly started calling him, Marlon B. Wrong. Lucien Bute’s own private Ref, the guy who was the IBF’s “hired gun” when it came to assigning a third-man to it’s “pet fighters” contests in Canada. Ask them for the details of the incident that had them up-in-arms and they might even be able to remember his stopping the count as Lucien Bute tried to rise after being dropped by Librado Andrade in the last round of their first fight back on November 28, 2009 and putting Andrade back in the corner from which he’d never actually ventured. His name got mentioned by Teddy Atlas and others for several weeks, a rare occurrence given our propensity for casting aside most controversies when the next round of fights start up the following weekend.

The name Marlon B. Wright would be forever etched in the boxing fans mind, but apparently not enough that he doesn’t still get work.

After the outrage that followed the Lennox Lewis-Evander Holyfield unification fight at Madison Square Garden back on March 13, 1999, Eugenia Williams drew flack the-world-over for her scoring Round 5, maybe Lennox’s best round of the fight, for Holyfield, and then compounded the situation by saying she was blocked and unable to see the round clearly, a highly disputable claim at best, and one for which she was mocked.

I recall Ms. Williams worked as a secretary in a State of New Jersey office. She was getting harassing phone calls at work, her life was in turmoil, the media and the fans were relentless pounding on her.

In this case, boxing fans really DID have a memory… least for the next year or so. She changed the name she went by to score fights from Eugenia to Jean, and eventually became a footnote in most boxing fans minds. She continued to get work, and by my account did a pretty good job. Should she have been banished from the game? I can’t see how that would’ve helped. I had some sympathy for her, a secretary working a second job as a world-class judge, it wasn’t like any found a huge payment of money exchanging hands, and trust me, people were looking.

I could go on to Judge Jo Jo Guerra and how his name was forever linked to bad judging after his 118-110 card for Ray Leonard was castigated following Leonard dethroning Hagler back in 1987…..or do I even need to? He continued to get work despite being the poster boy for bad judging even to this day, over 25-years-later.

My point with these examples is simply one. If the names above continued to get work, do you think anything is really going to happen with Gwen Adair and Marty Denkin, both long time figures on the California boxing scene and members of the California Boxing Hall of Fame?

Everybody calling for an investigation this morning, just learn to live with it and move forward………because that’s what your going to have to do anyway, and worst of all, by the time another questionable decision comes down the pike, which in today’s boxing should take about two weeks tops, you’ll have moved on anyway. It’s the nature of the beast, questionable scorecards have been turned in since the first pair of gloves were laced up, and boxing fans have always moved forward or left. Which are you going to do?

Yeah, I didn’t think so. Now what’s on tap for next weekend?


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