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The Haye Truth: Justin Bieber caused the cut

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David Haye vs Tyson Fury got called off a week before they were meant to fight at the Phones 4u Arena, Manchester, Lancashire, United Kingdom. Turns out it wasn't Haye's fault.

David Haye was having a final sparring session, on a Friday evening against Filip Hrgovic - a 6ft 6" Croatian. David Haye was gutted and said so “Gutted isn't even the word,”

The ramifications were huge, SkyTV News interviews followed and the whole World got to see the nasty cut, which needed six stitches by a plastic surgeon at St. Thomas' hospital.

Alot, of fans, had bought tickets and this was the second time, this year, that Haye had pulled out of a fight injured. Speculation, blame pointed at Haye ducking out against his undefeated opponent, Fury (21-0, 15 KO's). Twitter fans speculated that Haye became a coward and didn't fancy another defeat.

Team Fury was understandably upset, and who can blame them? So, close to such a huge fight.

But the rumour mongers have been proven right. Haye wasn't wearing a headguard or even sparring, a Pro, when he got the fake cut, he was infact sparring Justin Bieber!

David Haye on sparring, singing sensation, Justin Bieber! "He was alright. He punched a lot harder than people would think....anyone who wants to give him a slap should be warned-he packs a good punch!"

Justin has been seen mixing with the Mayweather's, seems he is doing good, very good!

It's a Friday, a TGI Friday and yet the nonsense and speculation continues. For the record - this was a genuine injury and they do happen, in this combat sport. A man does not fake, himself, out of a £5 million payday. Justin Bieber didn't cause it or any of the other far-fetched speculation. The Twitter boxing fans accused Haye of not wearing a headguard, faking injury, running scared and much more nonsense - maybe they will add Justin Beiber to their silly claims?

The fight is now back on and at the same venue. A new date of February 8th – let's hope Haye keeps Justin away from his gym.  


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