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About US

Talk Boxing with fight fans at the KO Boxing Forum.

About Us

We launched a boxing forum called 'Budweiser Boxing' in August 2009 which was hosted by a free forum hosting company called Forumcircle.

A 'Budweiser Boxing'  member named Faulks offered us free hosting to start a news page. We started a topic on the forum and many members suggested several names on what to call the news page. A member named mofo2 came up with winning name and in February 2010 we launched the 'Ringnews24' news page.

After being on Forumcircle for three years we decided that we wanted to have more control of the running of the forum. Thanks to donations from our loyal members, we moved to Vbulletin forums and in November 2012 the Ringnews24 boxing forum was created.

Additional Information

With our growing presence inside the boxing world we have had the privilege of going interactive with Primetime TV and Boxnation.

Our members have had the privilege of taking part in our 'Ask the star' interviews, where members get the chance to ask there heroes questions in selected Ringnews24 interviews.

The Ringnews24 brand has grown from strength to strength. We are submitting press releases, boxing news, interviews and writers articles daily.

Our writers have been enjoying the experience of going along to fights via press credentials, meaning that our readers can read our exclusive fight reports produced live from Ringside.

Thank You

I'd like to say a special thank you to our members, readers, writers and staff for continuing to support Ringnews24.


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