Ringnews24 reviews

Ringnews24 reviews

Talk Boxing with fight fans at the KO Boxing Forum.

Ringnews24 Reviews

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"Great place to be for people who enjoy boxing, and the site also has a forum. From past fights to present, this site has it all. You will converse with people who actually were a part of boxing history. The only place on the World Wide Web that is an encyclopedia for boxing.

You'll find any and everything about boxing here: history, videos, bios, up-to-the-minute news and articles written by fans and forum members. The staff is very friendly, inviting and intellectually stimulating! The most amazing thing about the site is that it is fairly new. Your search for anything boxing related stops here.

My experience with the site has been absolutely great! I love it! Nothing to dislike about it or the people who are members. You'll enjoy the site no doubt. Everything I know of boxing I learned from both the site and the forum. "

Comments left by a Facebook user:

"RingNews24 is a vibrant boxing forum where fans from across the globe can meet in a friendly online community and talk about this great sport. We encourage members to be as active as they want on our forum which includes posting in our busy threads, writing articles for our news website, providing questions for our exclusive interviews and talking to fellow members in the shoutbox. Ring News 24 is dedicated to providing the boxing community with a great forum in which all are welcome."

Comments left by a Facebook user:

" Ringnews24 is a fantastic site for all boxing fans: it's constantly updated with both original content and press releases, it's clear and easy to read and the site doesn't talk down to its readers.

The writers, while not the biggest names in sports journalism, are passionate, accurate and know their stuff much more than some of the supposed professionals, in fact it's fair to say they seem to do more research for the site than some professionals on TV. If you are a boxing fan I cannot encourage you enough to check the site out for both news, reviews and previews."

Michael Readman: 

"Ringnews24 is a fantastic boxing website and community. Highly recommended to all. With a vast array of breaking news, forum posts, boxing downloads, videos, interviews and competitions, what more can you ask from a boxing website?

There are many knowledgeable users in the forum and all are very welcoming, unlike many a boxing site I have used in the past, where a certain section of "Trolls" circle the pages looking for "fresh meat" to wind up.

I advise you to give it a look and sign up to the forums. Excellent site with a growing reputation that gets stronger each passing day."


"I find this site ideal for all boxing news and discussion and it is unlike other boxing sites in that it does not get infested with morons. I use it on a regular basis and find most users to be knowledgable - as long as it stay that way I will continue to use it"


"There are many good boxing sites on the Internet, but few have the in-depth quality of members, threads and articles that Ringnews24 has. This is a site that is free from all the usual trolls that this type of environment usually brings and it is a relaxed and fun site to visit. I would recommend the forum to both the knowledgeable and those eager to learn about boxing. The History section is quite possibly the best I have seen, and with the constant growth of Ringnews24 it is quickly becoming the only place to be."


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