GGG Demolishes Geale

GGG Demolishes Geale

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Going into his fight against former two-time Middleweight champion Daniel Geale Saturday night at Madison Square Garden on HBO, Geale was Gennady Golovkin’s toughest opponent yet on paper. A tough and determined fighter, Geale looked to present GGG with a pretty reasonable test. Well, looks can be deceiving as reigning WBA Middleweight champion Golovkin walked through and destroyed Geale in three rounds to retain his title for the 11th time. This was Golovkin’s 17th consecutive knockout.

After a round one in which Golovkin (30-0, 27 KOs) largely stalked and sized Geale up, the defending champ opened up in round two applying more pressure and throwing more punches. That concerted effort payed off immediately as Golovkin knocked Geale (30-3, 16 KOs) down courtesy of a right hand high on the head of Geale twenty seconds in. Golovkin spent the rest of the round applying steady pressure landing pinpoint punches to the head and body. The defending champion continued to do much of the same throughout the round three until, while in the mist of an exchange with Geale, Golovkin scored his second knockdown of the fight via a punishing right hand with thirty seconds to go in the round. While Geale got up, he was obviously still hurt and referee Michael Ortega called a halt to the contest at the 2 minute 43 second mark.

The bottom line was that Gennady Golovkin was just too strong and too powerful for Geale. It wasn’t as if Geale fought a terrible fight, it was that Geale was in the ring with a powerhouse and without a doubt the hardest punching and most powerful Middleweight in the world right now. After the fight, Golovkin was asked by Max Kellerman what he wanted next and he said he wanted to unify the Middleweight title. Asked by Kellerman who did he want next and his answer was simple yet direct and emphatic, “I want to fight Miguel Cotto and I want to fight him next, I want to prove to the world that without a doubt that I am the best middleweight in the world. That is very important to me.”

And with that, let the hype for a potential Golovkin – Cotto clash begin. Cotto’s next scheduled appearance in the ring is in December. Will it be against Golovkin, or will it happen in 2015? Shoot, given how Golovkin looked against Geale, will Cotto (or should I say Freddy Roach, trainer of Cotto and Cotto’s promoter Bob Arum) even get in the ring with GGG. At this point, it’s all a wait and see? One thing is for sure, Gennady Golovkin is a force to be reckoned with and is now declaring that he wants to rule the Middleweight division.


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